Empower through Creativity


With the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, ArtSong is committed to providing you with quality arts enrichment services.
ArtSong is now offering online art and music lessons!
ArtSong’s new virtual studio provides art and music instruction from the comfort of your home. Creative sessions are personalized, engaging and open to all.


Today’s busy lifestyles leave people searching for time and space to engage with their creative interests! As a unique arts enrichment company, ArtSong works with diverse communities and organizations by providing remote creative learning programs. Through art and music, ArtSong provides a framework to help you find that time and space for self-expression and original creativity.


ArtSong gives all of our participants the opportunity to get creative! We come to you remotely, providing individual, group and specialty sessions. We customize programs using your feedback to create an experience that will be beneficial for every participant we work with.


ArtSong mentors participants through creative educational programs while providing an atmosphere to explore, learn and collaborate. Program sessions include guidance using diverse materials and innovative techniques. Upon request we also offer piano lessons as a separate program.


The benefits of ArtSong include hands on learning, self-expression, improved learning skills and quality of life enrichment. ArtSong provides personalized sessions that empower participants through creative engagement. Learn more about our programs by contacting us today.

ArtSong Testimonials

ArtSong has been a fantastic partner with Gándara Center and our youth since 2011. ArtSong’s wonderful Arts Enrichment program has served as a very successful creative endeavor for children and teens in our residential group homes. They love the process of making art and enjoy a true sense of accomplishment by exhibiting their original art at our annual Youth Art Exhibit. ArtSong’s programs decreases stress and anxiety in these youth and provides an outlet for their creativity. It is incredibly gratifying for me to see how proud they are of their hard work at the exhibits every year. 

Jeff McGeary

Director of Operations, Gándara Center

I have had the pleasure working with Amy Porchelli for the past four years in many capacities. Amy has been providing art classes to the residents at Armbrook Village, a Retirement, Assisted and Alzheimer’s Care community. Amy has been amazing in her approach to the resident’s especially those with cognitive deficits.  Amy can invoke the very emotions that Alzheimer’s residents need so they may be in touch with their feelings and their past. Amy uses such a fail free positive approach with all of our residents, and they have blossomed in so many ways.

Amy also teaches the ‘Memories in the Making “art program, a sanctioned program through the Alzheimer’s Association. Amy has taught the program to life enrichment staff from local assisted living and nursing home communities for the last four years. This one-day training has enabled thirty new staff every year to put the training they received from Amy into practice with their residents.

I can’t think of a more talented and compassionate person to work with both our residents and staff.

Beth Cardillo

Executive Director, Armbrook Village

Viability has been partnering with ArtSong for over 3 years with extraordinary results. Over 50 individuals have participated in the art program and report overall satisfaction with all aspects.

Members have stated:   “Amy helps us find our inner artist!  Whether it is with paint or markers; we all have a gift!”, “It is amazing and beautiful” “ArtSong relaxes me”

“ArtSong helps me think through my problems while I participate.”  The Viability artists work has been showcased at art exhibits, won awards and decorate numerous offices and homes.  This program is invaluable to its participants.

Pattie Robinson

Vice President, Viability. Inc.

It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Amy as our Eastern Graphics Supervisor with WestRock Graphic Solutions. Amy was always performance-focused with an emphasis on data analysis when making key decisions regarding sales growth, cost reduction, improving productivity metrics and rallying her team to execute with precision on goals, opportunities and challenges they were facing.

Among Amy’s strengths as a leader are her ability to connect deeply with each team member. She brings real honesty, empathy, inclusion and passion to every situation and personal connection. PASSION…is by far the one area I strongly remember. Amy’s passion was always present, elevating the team to reach higher and dig deeper which in turn developed a stronger unified group. A key benefit from her passion as a leader was the team’s willingness to try new things, explore potential solutions when facing adversity and commit to personal growth and development within their respective roles as graphic artists and/or production coordinators.

I highly recommend Amy as a gifted, talented and passionate leader for any team looking to strengthen their business foundation.

Chris Frappier

Assistant Production Manager, Print & Retail Solutions, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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